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Their Wonderlands

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Their Wonderlands

This selection of short texts, edited by Lily Hall and designed by Cody Lee Barbour, was commissioned to accompany Their Wonderlands, an exhibition curated by They Are Here at Grey Area, Brighton from December 2010 – January 2011.

Writers were offered an open invitation to contribute a piece of text of their choice, with the only condition that they should take the role of the imaginary and make-believe in contemporary society as a starting point. The resulting collection of written pieces was collated with the intention of contextualising, playing with and extending the presence of the exhibition beyond the temporary gathering of works that comprise it.

Authors: They Are Here; Marialaura Ghidini; Rowena Easton; Captain Ed; Lily Hall; Alison Sage
Editor: Lily Hall
Publisher: They Are Here
Designer: Cody Lee Barbour
Pages: 32
Dimensions: 14.7(w) x 20.5(h) cm
Price: £3
Shipping: £2